Thank you for being a client of Studio 57. We truly value your time and trust in us to complete your project.

Your project (with all of your deliverables and information) can be found on your password protected subpage that was emailed to you. This landing page is designed to answer common questions and recommend software to you.

Video Clients

or clients with video elements

Social Media

During our conversations, we undoubtedly spoke about this already but just so it is in writing too: Each social media channel has its benefits and detriments when it comes to video files. We make it our business to know these things so if you would like your video on a social media channel then please let us know and we will be sure to produce the type of file that best fits that channel’s needs.

However, if your video contains music that we have licensed on your behalf you can not legally post the video to your social media channel. In these situations, Studio 57 has the legal authority to post videos to our channels and you have the right to share our posts. Unfortunately, music licensing is a draconian world and has very specific rules. Please prevent legal headaches for both of us and ask us to do it for you.

VLC Player

Studio 57’s multimedia program of choice for video consumption is VLC player. Click here to link to the VLC site and download your copy now. VLC is an amazing program and widely considered to be the best multimedia player available. Bonus it is free and available on every platform. We suggest all of our video clients use VLC to play their video file from us. Undoubtedly it will become your player of choice.

If you can not play your video file please consider that the error may be with your software and give VLC player a try.



Unfortunately, when it comes to digital files there can sometimes be errors or data corruption that occurs. Studio 57 archives your video files in multiple ways and in multiple locations to prevent catastrophic loss. On your client sub-page, you will have links to the YouTube hosted versions of your files (if applicable) as well has links to download the “Master Copies” that Studio 57 has produced.

Master Copies are large and in their highest resolution and data density. The link you are accessing is an off-site storage service that keeps three different copies of your files stored in different locations, they regularly check the files for any integrity loss and heal any misbehaving files. Additionally, Studio 57 keeps a copy of your project on hard drives in our office. Moral of the story, your files are safe.

However, you should also have a copy of your files on your home computer and your own cloud storage service (we are big fans of Dropbox and Google Drive) for easy access and even one more layer of redundancy.