You are here because your video project needs music. The music choice is important for setting the tone of your video and keeping your video engaging.

We want you to take part in this process but if this is overwhelming, then feel free to put this completely in the hands of Studio 57. If you want to participate, then keep reading.

While finding just the right piece of music is a blast, the music industry is a draconian world. Seriously, the licenses related to music are so complex that getting the rights to use a song can take months and might require dozens of people.

Fortunately, some companies realized that this was crazy and needed to be straightened out. Below are the two companies that we use to legally license music for all of our video projects. They each have their pros and cons but both are light years ahead of doing it ourselves or stealing music.


SongFreedom’s strength is its collection of popular music. They pride themselves on having the music that plays on the radio, now don’t anticipate a library the size of Spotify but if you want Top 40 music you should start here.


MusicBed has more indie music providers and the type of music that fits nicely into the background of a video. You can find great music but expect to hear new music here.