Unfortunately, people have so many memories sitting in boxes or albums which are never seen! In today’s world, the vast majority of photographs are shared on social media or viewed as screensavers and backgrounds on computers. By digitizing your photos, you make them more accessible to yourself and your audience!


Sadly, those physical photographs are likely silently decaying. Museums have very exacting standards and equipment to properly preserve physical photographs, a shoebox under the bed is far from preservation! By digitizing your physical photographs, you are preserving a copy as protection against not only time but also disaster.

Photos That Have Already Been Saved by Studio 57

When Studio 57 saves your photographs, an expert photographer will convert each image my hand with archive quality settings.


Uncompressed JGEP files

600 dpi

Original ratio and size

Lastly, every image is rotated to its correct orientation.

We understand the importance of the memories you are entrusting to us. Each photograph is treated as if it is from our own family. Please rest easy knowing that a skilled and thoughtful hand is preserving your family’s photographs.

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