Capture the memories of an entire season of hard work that your athletes will not forget!

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Teams use our season highlight films in a multitude of different ways:

  • Sometimes a DVD copy will be given to the seniors as a gift

  • Sometimes they are used to play at the end of the year banquet

  • Some teams sell copies as a fundraiser

We will go through your game film and pull highlight plays; we will come take photos at games or practices; you can share with us inside jokes, or team sayings; and we will take everything and combine it with the music of your choice to create a beautiful and thoughtful artifact of your season.

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Like all of our products, your season highlight film is custom tailored to you need. We can build a film from footage you submit or we can come and film your games, events, or practices.

Let us know what you are looking for and we will make exactly that.

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